While Covid upended the “normal” in our lives, it has also provided new opportunities for ALI to expand and diversify the way it offers its classes.  For us, as instructors, Board members and certainly as students, one of the biggest challenges has been learning how to navigate new technologies, specifically Zoom. However, while it has made accessing classes easier, an on-line class also deprives one of the personal interactions that have always been at the heart of ALI’s identity. Thus, while a number of our classes are accessible only on Zoom or in a combination of in-person and Zoom, the in-person classes continue to be as numerous and as varied in content as they have always been.

Our first FREE class is in-person on April 6, at the Chelsea Senior Center where Bill O’Reilly, will continue his tour of Chelsea Then and Now. Through photographs and with his own extensive knowledge of Chelsea’s past, Mr. O’Reilly who is a professional genealogist and the president of the Chelsea Historical Society will show us how the places we see every day looked a century or so ago.