There’s nothing like a bleak, gray day to get one thinking about a trip to a place where the sun does shine… OR, better yet, an ALI class either in person or via the ever-accommodating technology of Zoom. From mid-February through May, ALI will offer classes in music and musical instruments, history, mythology, science, art, biography, self-improvement and much more to stimulate the mind and delight the soul.  You can find out why financiers are called tycoons, introduce yourself to a friendly wolf or two, take a lively trip around a cemetery, discover how we have navigated around Washtenaw County (with and without potholes) and in April, yes, there will be gardens.

Catalogs will be mailed at the end of January and will also be available at various locations throughout the 5 Healthy Towns area as well as the on the Winter/Spring class page.  

SO, unpack the suitcase, throw away the suntan lotion and join us for classes that will enrich your mind without the hassle of tests or security checks.