Holiday greetings to all!  We continue as passengers on the Covid train, with the promise of more to come. As I write this, concern about the new omicron variant is growing and restrictions are tightening up in response. Fortunately for us at Chelsea Adult Learners, we have many ways to keep safe while continuing to take advantage of the lifelong learning opportunities that are made available through the efforts of our incredible cadre of instructors, techs and volunteers. Thanks to all who work hard to continue making these programs available, and to our students who continue to support us by taking the classes, both the online and in-person varieties. We will continue to make both forms available, and are also looking at “hybrid” classes that will be held in-person, and also streamed or recorded to make them available to those who can’t attend in person.

The Fall 2021 semester has shown a slow but steady growth in class offerings and attendance. We have been able to offer some new and enlightening classes, including such subjects as Picasso, microbes, old-time radio, secret gardens, Cuba, tap dance, and more! And we have more surprises planned for this upcoming Spring, so we hope you’ll join us. And as always, we hope you’ll consider a donation to help us continue to offer high quality lifelong learning opportunities at an affordable cost. We look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Steve Daut