As I write this letter, everything is busting wide open. After the CDC said it was OK to drop the masks if you have been vaccinated, apparently everyone has been magically vaccinated because there’s not a mask in sight. So the good news is that things have opened up, almost as fast as they shut down a year ago. I can’t think of any bad news, as long as everyone is honest about being vaccinated.

At ALI, the good news is that things are slowly returning to normal. Although we lost some ground financially, the numbers have stabilized this spring, and enrollment numbers are starting to creep back up again. It’s become clear that we have a lot of dedicated supporters, including students, instructors, and volunteers, and we thank everyone who has contributed to our program, and continues to keep us in mind.

Classes this spring have included a broad range of subjects, including travel, culture and cuisine, the natural world, local history, religion, art and dance. So far during the winter/spring semester we have had 176 student enrollments, with nine Zoom classes, and 3 classes offered in-person. The in-person classes are nearly full, which has encouraged us to start planning for more in-person classes next fall. We will still be offering Zoom classes, because it allows us to reach people who might not be able to get out to in-person classes, and in fact we have been discussing some new ideas that have come out of our experience from this past year.

We will be offering some exciting new classes this fall, including classes from our favorite instructors and some brand-new offerings. Save the date for our upcoming Kickoff on August 10, where you will get a preview of some of these classes. We look forward to the season ahead, and to the opportunity to apply some of the new ideas we have developed during “The year of Covid”. Stay tuned!

Steve Daut. May 28, 2021