On January 5th and 7th, the Adult Learners Institute was pleased to host a Zoom presentation on COVID*19 by Charlie Taylor, Ph.D.  Charlie is a former employee of the Pfizer Corporation.   He presented a comprehensive two-day session on how COVID-19 works, how the vaccine works and why we should get vaccinated. 

These sessions were recorded by the ALI audio visual team.  Due to the positive comments received, it was decided that we would record the sessions and make it available in a Google Drive folder. The recording is free, but we welcome any donation to help support ALI’s operations. To donate please send a check to ALI, PO Box 134, Chelsea, MI 48118 or scroll down to the donations section below and follow directions to make a donation.

The link to the recording is:     http://bit.ly/ALI-CovidClass

Also, Charlie will be teaching on the History of Vaccines during our Winter/Spring 2021 semester on Zoom (April 6, 13, & 20.  The information describing this class and how to register will be shown in our catalog due out in late January.   

As the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea MI is a 501(c)(3) organization, personal contributions are tax-deductible.  The primary income for the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea, MI is registration and class fees. However, the Covid-19 crisis has seriously impacted our revenues, while our basic operating expenses continue. While we are taking steps to minimize our expenses, your donations are critically important for ALI to weather this difficult time.  We invite and encourage you to consider contributing to ALI at whatever level you can afford