The Pam Radcliffe Memorial fund, created to honor the memory of long-time supporter and friend of The Chelsea Adult Learners Institute, is being retired this year in order to underwrite class fees during the Covid-19 crisis. Over the past few years, the fund has allowed ALI to offer special programs including a session to provide information about ALS, a sampling of alternatives for healthy living, and a special session presenting the art of the Titanic. These programs were offered in collaboration with ALI partners including the Chelsea School system, the Chelsea District Library, and the Chelsea Senior Center.

Consistent with Pam’s support of our organization, these funds have allowed us to continue providing lifelong learning opportunities for the residents of Chelsea and surrounding areas, while also building collaborative support with other organizations and individuals in the area.

We wish to thank the Radcliffe Family and all who contributed to this fund in order to continue the vital work of the organization while honoring the memory of a wonderful friend who gave so much of herself to make ALI what it is today. 

Steve Daut,  President, ALI