As we being to wrap up our 28th semester of lifelong learning classes at Chelsea Adult Learners Institute, it’s time once again to thank our instructors, students, and volunteers, including our all-volunteer Board of Directors, for their invaluable contributions to the ongoing success of our organization. Like the leaves of fall, the programs we offer this semester span a colorful variety of subjects. From genes to genealogy, sauces to spiders, and oceans to the Old West Side of Ann Arbor, our programs take you around the world, out to the Universe and inside to your DNA. By all measures, this semester has been one of our most successful ever, including students from 12 different communities. Continuing that success, our incredible Curriculum Committee has given us a sneak peek at the winter/spring, and it’s going to be another compelling opportunity to explore new worlds.

We encourage you to get involved with ALI! A lifelong commitment to learning can expand into a commitment to helping others learn, and we offer many opportunities through our organization. Whether you are willing to step up as a member of our Board of Directors, a class assistant, organizing an event of stuffing envelopes, it all counts, and it all helps us to remain the only independent lifelong learning non-profit in the country, and quite possibly, in the Universe. Thanks again for your support, and we’ll see you in class!