As we wrap up another successful year at the Chelsea Adult Learners Institute, we are especially thankful for the many incredible volunteers that make our organization work. In addition to the all-volunteer Advisory Board and the dedicate professional instructors, there are many dedicated individuals who work behind the scenes to organize and run events, write, proofread, and mail out our catalogs, and collect your feedback and comments on the work we do in order to help us serve everyone to the best of our ability. Of course, we couldn’t do it without a supportive audience, either, so we thank everyone who has supported us by registering and attending classes. As all instructors know, we often learn as much as we teach when we have engaged and knowledgeable students.

We also want to thank our strategic partners, including Washtenaw Community College, the Chelsea Senior Center, the Chelsea District Library, Chelsea Community Education, Silver Maples, The Chelsea Wellness Center/5 Healthy Towns Foundation, the Cedars of Dexter, St. Mary Church, First United Church of Chelsea, and St. Paul United Church of Christ.

This year, as always, we offered classes in a wide range of interesting topics including musical composers and musical theater, an abundance on nature topics, travelogues from around the world, as well as historical events and perspectives. With your continued help, Chelsea Adult Learners will continue to provide a diverse selection of quality community-based learning experiences and camaraderie for adults in Western Washtenaw County. Thank you all for your support!