Registration is required for all Adult Learners Institute classes.  To register for classes, follow the steps below to select your courses and submit your registration form and fees.  Preregistration is also required for the free classes; see the catalog for details.

  View the ALI Catalog to select Fall or Winter/Spring courses:

  Register for classes by filling out the registration form:

Registration is required for all classes and continues as long as space is available.  If classes are full they will be marked as Closed on the Class page.  However, you will then be able to sign up on the wait list for these classes.  If you have questions, please send an e-mail to or call 734-292-5540.

Class Cancellation
ALI classes are cancelled when Chelsea District Schools are closed due to inclement weather.  See their website for closing information.  Classes cancelled for any reason will not be automatically rescheduled.

2023 Winter/Spring Registration Form 
(right-click to save form to your computer)

  Mail in the Registration Form and your check:

Registration is by mail only.  Mail registration form (one for each person) to Adult Learners Institute, P.O. Box 134 Chelsea, MI 48118, with a check made out to ALI of Chelsea, MI Inc. Registration forms are processed based on the date received at the ALI office.  Confirmation slips will be mailed before class starts.  Registration is required for online and in-person classes; the Free classes must still pre-register. Assistance with cost is available for Adult Learners Institute enrollments (see below for details).

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to or call 734-292-5540.

ALI Class Assistant
What is the CA column on the registration form?  Can I do this?   Yes you can!!!  Becoming a Class Assistant is a fun way of becoming a part of this wonderful organization of learners and also taking classes with ALI.  You get to meet your fellow classmates and help the instructor.  You will receive a bag of supplies and instructions about using them for your specific class.  Please consider signing up as a CA by checking the box for your class of choice.  

ALI Class Fees
ALI is committed to providing high quality, low cost learning experiences geared toward the interests of adults in the Western Washtenaw community.  You can select from a diverse set of educational classes, learn in a friendly atmosphere and meet new friends with common interests!  

There is a small non-refundable administration fee.  Class fees are $15 plus $5 for each additional session. The administration fee helps us to offset the cost of preparing, printing, and mailing the brochure, as well as advertising and administrative costs.  There may be additional fees for class materials or supplies.

Financial Assistance

If cost is prohibiting your enrollment, we encourage you to inquire about our assistance program. For information about the eligibility requirements and application procedures, please contact us via mail/email. Alternatively, phone 734.292.5540 to leave a message. All assistance information is kept confidential.

Contributions Welcomed

The primary income for the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea, MI is administration and class fees. However, the Covid-19 crisis has seriously impacted our revenues, while our basic operating expenses continue. While we are taking steps to minimize our expenses, your donations are critically important for ALI to weather this difficult time.  We invite and encourage you to consider contributing to ALI at whatever level you can afford.

As the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea MI is a 501(c)(3) organization, personal contributions are tax-deductible. If you have enjoyed the ALI classes, we invite and encourage you to consider contributing to ALI at any time throughout the year. Please make your check out to ALI of Chelsea MI Inc. and mail it to PO Box 134, Chelsea MI 48118.  For more information and to donate via credit card, please go to the Contact Us section.