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Lifelong Learning

ALI, a non-profit organization in Chelsea, MI, plans a wide range of educational courses to meet the interests and requests of our adult learners for winter/spring and fall terms.  As always, our experienced instructors create a relaxed learning environment where students can ask questions, share experiences or just sit and listen. And there is no homework!   

Winter/Spring 2014 Courses

Registration is by mail only for this winter/spring's courses. The Winter/Spring Courses page lists the 2014 courses. You will also find a link to a printable registration form, calendar and catalog there.  Courses include:

Two courses being offered with our partners, the Chelsea District Library and the Chelsea Senior Center are FREE but you must pre-register. See the course descriptions for how to register for those courses.


ALI would not be possible without our volunteers. To continue to providing these courses we need volunteers.  We have openings for officers starting in 2014 and on our board of directors and committees including AudioVisual, Curriculum, Tech and Web.  So if you have enjoyed the courses, please consider volunteering.   For more information call 734-433-1000, ext. 7358, to leave a message. 

Fall 2013 Class Evaluations

Adult Learners - the thrill of learning without the agony of tests.  The fall courses were an eclectic mix of subjects, some  serious, some whimsical, taught by instructors both knowledgeable and dynamic.  One course even included lunch!  Here are some typical comments by attendees.

  • "What a lovely opportunity to learn of people's passions and knowledge"
  • "From this class - a new facet of myself!"
  • "(Instructors) good team.  Interacted well"
  • "I've been involved with ALI since its beginning and always find it worthwhile."
  • "Wow"
  • "(Instructor's)  easy to follow as she breaks down complicated information.  I would take anything taught by this instructor.  She makes history interesting."
Mort and Rita Dunlop
Volunteers who process the evaluations

ALI Course Fees      

ALI is committed to providing high quality, low cost learning experiences geared toward the interests of adults in the Western Washtenaw community.  

You can select from a diverse set of educational courses, learn in a friendly atmosphere and meet new friends with common interests for just $5 per session!  Two session courses will be $10, three session will be $15, and so on.  The cost for courses that have six or more sessions will be $30.  The registration fee will be $10.  Residents of Silver Maples, Chelsea Retirement Community and charter members of the Cedars of Dexter have registration fees waived.  

Scholarship funding is available for those who would benefit from financial assistance. Please see below.    

The course fees are based on the number of sessions per course:

  Winter/Spring 2014 fees    
  One session  $5  
  2 sessions $10  
  3 sessions $15  
  4 sessions $20  
  5 sessions $25  
  6 or more sessions $30  

Contributions Welcome

Personal contributions to the Adult Learners Institute of Chelsea MI are tax-deductible. If you have enjoyed the ALI courses, we invite and encourage you to consider making a contribution to ALI at any time throughout the year. We thank you for your consideration. Please make your check out to ALI of Chelsea MI Inc. and mail it to 809 West Middle St., Chelsea MI 48118.

Scholarships Available
in 2014


  If cost is prohibiting your enrollment, we encourage you to inquire about our assistance program.  For information about the eligibility requirements and application procedures, please contact the ALI Chair via mail to the ALI office or email at Alternatively, phone Jan Carr at 734-475-7034.  All scholarship information is kept confidential.


Who We Are

Based in Chelsea, Michigan, the Adult Learners Institute (ALI) provides a diverse selection of quality community-based learning experiences and camaraderie for adults in western Washtenaw County. ALI is a Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) affiliated with the Elderhostel Institute Network (EIN), a group of 320 similar organizations. We conduct our programs in cooperation with Washtenaw Community College.